The new version of PgMex brings support for Matlab 2020a and PostgreSQL 12 along with performance improvements

We are happy to announce the new release of PgMex 1.2.0!

Major changes:

  • added support for Matlab 2019a-2020a and Postgres up to version 12.2

Performance improvements:

  • improved stability and performance of batchParamExec

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug in batchParamExec when values of scalar types represented in Matlab by strings (numeric, varchar, text, bpchar, name, xml, json) for several tuples are passed as a 2D char matrix with strings stacked up one above the other (this format is possible in the case all these strings are of equal length)
  • fixed bug in batchParamExec when SIsValueNull is passed while SIsNull is empty